Speaker Biography

Genc Struga

Genc Struga, Department of Neuroscience, University Hospital, Mother Teresa, Tirana, Albania

Title: Better speech processing of Albanian language would mean less activity in fMRI

Genc Struga

Genc Struga Consultant Neurologist and Stroke with at least 10 years experience in cerebrovascular intensive care and Neurosonography Transcranial vascular and Carotid artery imaging. He complteted his PhD in Neuroscience and finished a postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Neurology at University College London. He enjoy teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students


Albanian language resemble one of the oldest surviving member of the Paleo-Balkan or Illyricum and oldest member of Indo-European family of languages.

Certain characteristics of Albanian language such as Phonosymbolisem , small words and the capability to form compound word or new lexeme , richness in sound (Albanian resembles 36 to 53 letters from the recent to older Alphabets)   makes interesting to study of how this languages brain processing is  perform.

Special word resembling phonosymbolisem and classified especially old from the most genuine Albanian Geg dialect were  defined , these would be compare with similar word in other languages using  fMRI.